Point By

By Scott Harrison

Point By

On the track, a Point By is a hand signal used to let other drivers know that you are aware of them and that it is okay to pass. It would seem to be a safe assumption that the point by is used by slower drivers to allow the faster drivers to overtake them, however this isn’t always the case. Sometimes we need space to excel and reach our true potential. We need to put space between us and everyone else. Sometimes you give that point by not because you are slower or less skilled, but because you need to break out of the pack and you recognize that the easiest way out isn’t always through the front. Once you are free of the pack, it’s just you, your machine and the clock. I think that ultimately, we are all just racing ourselves.


Track Etiquette


So, what is Point By? Point By is my way of breaking out of the pack. After years of roller derby photography and some hit or miss graphic design, I’m trying something new. I want to focus on what I love: fast machines and the people that maintain them and drive them. I will keep all of the FIVE5SIX stuff around and continue to support it, but my focus will be on photography. You can check it out on Flickr or at PointBy.Photo and of course PointBy.us.


Thank you for your continued support.



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